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How Voters Respond to Politicians’ Policies and Performance

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“landmark” — Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post, 12/1/2016

Supporting materialsReplication data | Erratum

Replication of “Re-Assessing Elite-Public Gaps in Political Behavior” by Joshua Kertzer  (with Eric Guntermann)

Exploiting a Major Blunder to Study Policy Accountability: Trump and His Covid Stance in 2020  (with Eric Guntermann)

Why Voters Who Value Democracy Participate in Democratic Backsliding (with Alia Braley, Dhaval Adjodah, Hossein Rahnama, and Alex Pentland)  Nature Humana Behavior | Ungated | Aletheia | Code and Data | Formerly titled Subversion Dilemma

Megastudy Identifying Effective Interventions to Strengthen Americans’ Democratic Attitudes (Voelkel et al.) 

Heuristic Projection (with David Broockman and Aaron Kaufman) | Forthcoming at BJPS

Still Not Important Enough? COVID-19 Policy Views and Vote Choice (with Eric Guntermann) | Perspectives on Politics

The Impact of the Economy on Presidential Elections Throughout US History  (with Eric Guntermann and Jeff R Myers) | Ungated | More colorful version | Supporting information

Achieving Statistical Significance with Covariates and without Transparency (with Alexander Sahn) | Ungated | Supporting information | Political Analysis

Partisan Bias in Surveys (with John Bullock) Annual Review of Political Science

Facial Dominance and Electoral Success in Times of War and Peace (with Sara N. Chatfield and Adam Berinsky) | JOP

The Importance of Knowing ‘What Goes With What’: Reinterpreting the Evidence on Policy Attitude Stability (with Sean Freeder and Shad Turney). JOP | Ungated | Supporting Information | Replication code and data | Erratum

Presidential Voting and the Local Economy: Evidence from Two Population Datasets (with Andrew Healy)  JOP | Ungated | Online Appendix | Replication code and data

Face Value? Experimental Evidence that Candidate Appearance Influences Electoral Choice (with Doug J. Ahler, Jack Citrin, and Michael Dougal) Political Behavior | Ungated | Supporting information | Replication code and data

Do Open Primaries Help Moderate Candidates? An Experimental Test of the 2012 California Primary (with Doug J. Ahler and Jack Citrin) Legislative Studies Quarterly 41, no. 2 (May 2016) | Ungated | Supporting information | Replication code and data

Voter Learning in State Primary Elections (with  Shigeo Hirano,  Maksim Pinkovskiy, and  James M. Snyder).  American Journal of Political Science  59, no. 1 (January 2015) | Ungated | Supporting materials | Replication code and data

Red Scare? Revisiting Joe McCarthy’s Influence on 1950s Elections (with Adam J. Berinsky). Public Opinion Quarterly 78, no. 2 (July 2014) | Ungated | Appendix | Replication code and data

Substituting the End for the Whole: Why Voters Respond Primarily to the Election-Year Economy (with Andrew Healy).  American Journal of Political Science 158, no. 1 (January 2014) | Ungated | Supporting materials | Replication code and data | FAQ | Press release | Berkeley blog | Coverage in Science

Sources of Bias in Retrospective Decision-Making: Experimental Evidence on Voters’ Limitations in Controlling Incumbents (with Gregory A. Huber and Seth J. Hill). American Political Science Review 106, no. 4 (November 2012) | Ungated | Appendices | Replication code and data

Using Mechanical Turk As a Subject Recruitment Tool for Experimental Research (with Adam J. Berinsky and Gregory A. Huber).  Political Analysis 20, no. 3  (Summer 2012) | Supporting materialsCoverage in Science

Looking the part: Television Leads Less Informed Citizens to Vote Based on Candidates’ Appearance (with Chappell Lawson). American Journal of Political Science 55, no. 3 (July 2011) | Supporting materials | Replication code and data | Coverage in MIT News, Time, Boston Globe

Looking Like Winner: Candidate Appearance and Electoral Success in New Democracies (with Chappell Lawson, Andy Baker, and Michael Myers). World Politics 62, no. 4 (October 2010) | Supporting materials | Replication code and data |Coverage in MIT News, WSJ

Learning and Opinion Change, Not Priming: Reconsidering the Evidence for the Priming Hypothesis American Journal of Political Science 53, no. 4 (October 2009) | Supporting materials

Exploiting a Rare Communication Shift to Document the Persuasive Power of the News Media (with Jonathan Ladd). American Journal of Political Science 53, no. 2 (April 2009) | Supporting materials | Replicated in PA (pp. 18-20)

Reassessing the Role of Anxiety in Vote Choice (with Jonathan Ladd). Political Psychology 29, no. 2 (April 2008)

The Consequences of Income Inequality for Redistributive Policy in the United States In Kathryn N. Neckerman, ed., Social Inequality (New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2004)